A multimedia project in collaboration with MAGNUM PHOTOS for the 175th anniversary of the Federal Constitution in 2023.

The project shows a glimpse about the inner workings of the political machinery in Bern during the summer session 2022 at the Swiss parliament inside the Federal Palace and in the city of Bern. The four photographers ALEX WEBB, NEWSHA TAVAKOLIAN, ALEX MAJOLI and CRISTINA DE MIDDEL (all from different countries and cultural backgrounds) document the parliament, the sessions, the meetings in the famous Wandelhalle, but also political life outside the Federal building in Bern in their own unique style.

This view from the outside allows for a new, fresh insight about politics and the working democracy in Switzerland.
Next to an exhibition in Bern in 2023 - curated by Melody Gygax (Cultural Representative of MAGNUM PHOTOS) - and a photobook published by Sturm & Drang Publishers, IMAGE and CONTENT is producing a documentary about the project that will screen in 2023.

LiveLab Bern is a collaboration of IMAGE and CONTENT with MAGNUM PHOTOS.
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